T3 Technology's innovative solution "Own The Household" debuts at CES2024

(Las Vegas, USA/January 9, 2024) - As a leading technology company in Southeast Asia, T3 Technology officially released its latest comprehensive home solution-"Own The Household" at the CES 2024 exhibition in the United States. This innovative solution marks a huge leap forward for T3 Technology in the field of home intelligence business, and provides users with a more intelligent, efficient, convenient and easy-to-use home life experience. 
"Own The Household" is a comprehensive home solution created by T3 Technology. This solution is centered on the home network and integrates home intelligent devices to create a unified home intelligent management platform and bring users a new smart home ecosystem. experience and improve the quality of life. This solution covers many fields such as network experience, smart home, AI cloud engine, integrated super APP, etc., creating a comprehensive digital living environment for users.
At the T3 technology booth, the "Own The Household" attracted widespread attention from the attendees. Core features of the solution include: 
Network Experience Management Center: Through this center, users can monitor and manage their home network in real time to ensure a stable Internet connection. Users can also customize a more enjoyable and whole-house network coverage experience at any time as needed.
Smart Home Control Center: T3 Technology launches an open smart home central control system based on the Ai cloud engine, allowing users to break the connection barriers of smart home products. The network and smart devices can be connected with one click, and smart devices can also be easily interconnected and open. The ecosystem allows third parties to better integrate together. Users can easily control various smart devices in the home through one device, covering the needs of the whole family and achieving all-round intelligent management. In addition, T3 Technology continues to invest in the Ai cloud engine to bring more Ai functions to users and provide users with more intelligent experiences.
Full-scenario Intelligent Ecological Products: a full range of products covering family ecological needs, including lighting, home appliances, security, CCTV, pets, health and other scenarios, with more than 2,700 device types, providing users with a comprehensive product experience.
Integrated Super APP: Home users can not only manage their home network and smart devices in one stop through the APP, but also read cloud data at any time to understand their family situation. Super APP can also dynamically provide rich value-added services based on the user's living environment and usage habits. 
T3 Technology Deputy CEO Kevin Guo said at the press conference: "Own The Household" is a huge initiative by T3 Technology in the field of smart technology. We hope that with this solution, we can make family life easier, more enjoyable and smarter. In the future, T3 Technology will continue to invest in innovation and provide users with more forward-looking and practical technology products and services.
T3 Technology's "Own The Household" solution will be first launched in Southeast Asia in 2023, and will be gradually introduced to the global market. This innovation will bring a smarter and more convenient home life experience to global users and promote the development of smart technology in the home field.