T3 Technology becomes the global IoT Cube Cloud developer of Tuya, enhancing “Own the Household” Smart Solutions

Thailand, January 26, 2024 - T3 Technology, a company dedicated to innovative technological solutions, today officially announced its membership in the Tuya Developer Community, becoming the first global Tuya Cube Cloud developer. This collaboration aims to inject more dynamism into the development of future smart hardware and IoT applications.

T3 Technology focuses on driving technological innovation, covering various sectors such as home broadband, smart homes, smart offices, and intelligent industries. The deepened partnership with Tuya will provide T3 Technology with extensive technical support and resources, accelerating product development and innovation.

Tuya Cube, known for its openness, flexibility, and rich ecosystem, is a global IoT developer platform introduced by Tuya Smart. The platform provides developers with comprehensive tools, documentation, and resources to easily build smart devices compatible with the Tuya ecosystem.

Joining the Tuya Cube community is not just a pathway to technical support for T3 Technology but also an opportunity for deep engagement in the global smart IoT ecosystem. Through interaction with other developers and industry partners, T3 Technology aims to better understand market trends, swiftly respond to user demands, and implement innovative business models.

Leo Yu, CEO of T3, stated that the T3 Smart IoT platform is a crucial part supporting the T3 “Own the Household” Concept. The company plans to increase R&D investment, leverage resources and tools provided by Tuya, accelerate the upgrade and integration of the T3 Smart IoT platform, and focus on global B2B clients. The goal is to provide a platform for customers that is private, open, secure, and integrates seamlessly with ecosystem partners, thus driving the widespread adoption of intelligent technology in the local market.

Both parties express confidence in the future collaboration, believing that this deepened partnership will accelerate innovation and dissemination of IoT technology, providing users with a more intelligent and convenient lifestyle experience.