T3 Technology's 5th Anniversary - Limitless Possibilities

 (Left to Right) Mr. Kevin Guo : Deputy CEO, Mr. Eric Geng : Deputy CEO, Mr. Nick Wang : Chairman & Founder, Mr. Leo Yu : CEO and Mrs. Ying Zhou : Executive Director
On 8th September 2023, T3 Technology, an emerging high-tech company in Thailand, hosted a celebratory event at the Centara Grand Hotel, Central World, marking the company's 5th anniversary. The gathering included nearly 350 attendees from the telecom, finance, various business sectors, and ecological partners in Thailand and Southeast Asia. During the event, Mr. Nick Wang, Chairman & Founder of T3 Technology, delivered a memorable speech to express gratitude to all the customers, partners, and friends who have supported and contributed to T3's success. He also shared the company's achievements and outlined its future vision.
Over the past five years, T3 Technology has achieved remarkable milestones, transitioning from zero revenue to exceeding $100 million, growing its team from 5 to 150 members, expanding its business footprint from Thailand to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and evolving its business model from B2B to B2C and B2G&E.
Since its inception, T3 Technology has been dedicated to enhancing home networks to provide faster and more reliable network speeds. In 2020, T3 Technology initiated a deep collaboration with Thailand's major telecom operators - True, AlS, and NT - and introduced the new generation of Wi-Fi technology, "Wi-Fi 6," which increased network speeds by 100% compared to Wi-Fi 5. This advancement enabled users to enjoy buffer-free video streaming, seamless online meetings, and an improved e-sports experience with reduced lag. Currently, 100% of Thailand's new broadband users benefit from Wi-Fi 6 technology. For Thailand's premium WiFi6 2Gbps package, 100% of the technology is provided by T3 Company. In 2023, T3 Technology continues its commitment to research and development, maintaining deep partnerships with telecom operators, and becoming the first to commercially offer Wi-Fi 6E and next-generation Wi-Fi 7 products in Thailand. T3 remains focused on enhancing home network speed and stability.
In the B2B sector, T3 Technology introduced the innovative 'Own the Household' system, which integrates telecommunications services with smart home services to enhance interaction between operators and users, offering comprehensive services. This system prioritizes fast network connections and integrates with loT smart services in the cloud to create a unified and integrated cloud platform and Super APP. It caters to various household needs, including food, beverages, housing, and new energy, with the goal of providing Thai families with safer, more cost-effective, convenient, and high-quality living.
In the B2C sector, T3 Technology is committed to creating a comprehensive, experiential business ecosystem for consumers. Under the brand concept of365 Selection, T3 will offer users a wider range of improved products based on the principles of 'In-depth on-site user experiences,' 'Continuous product innovation,' and 'Professional smart loT platform.' T3 is establishing its retail brand to introduce exceptional partners and high-quality products, ensuring consumers gain a better understanding and experience of real smart products.
Mr. Nick Wang : Chairman & Founder of T3 Technology
In the B2G&E sector, T3 is building a dynamic, innovative, practical, and expandable solution ecosystem. T3 Inno Digital Company (T3 IDC), a subsidiary of T3 Technology, envisions 'Innovative Solutions that Empower the Digital Future.' T3 will continue to develop two ecosystems: a customer-focused ecosystem in partnership with Thai companies and a new solution ecosystem in collaboration with Chinese partners. T3 will provide end-to-end solutions for Thailand's digital transformation, spanning from IT infrastructure and cloud platforms to digital solutions across various industries, contributing to Thailand's digital advancement.
During his opening speech, Chairman & Founder Mr. Nick Wang shared his vision for the next five years of T3 Technology. In the B2B domain, the company will continue to build the 'Own the Household' ecosystem, centered on complete connectivity, full intelligence, and comprehensive convergence, delivering higher-quality services and improved lives. In the B2C segment, T3 aims to create a comprehensive, immersive business ecosystem. In the B2G&E field, T3 plans to consolidate a new solution ecosystem, offering endless possibilities for future expansion.
In an interview, Mr. Nick Wang affirmed T3's commitment to creating value for customers and society, expressing gratitude to partners and distinguished guests for their unwavering support. He extended his hope that customers, partners, and friends from various professions will continue to support and choose T3, as the company strives to bring positive changes to Thailand and Southeast Asia.