MBB Solution

T3 offers comprehensive support for 5G backhaul using a single, economical cell site gateway, which helps operators to release the pressure of the network, reuse the existing PON network and reduce OPEX.

5G CPE Solution

T3 5G CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)  supporting carrier aggregation and WiFi 6, bring you full experience of high efficiency Internet. T3 CPE solution with its various types of home gateway, WIFI gateway, SFU and STB etc. It can provide data transmission, VoIP, video service, CATV and all other services based on internet. T3 CPE supports all requirements customization for all users. T3 WIFI6 product leading WIFI technology in the market, helps all customer deploy smart networks with the following features: Standard EasyMesh, Plug & Play, auto-provisioning, band-steering and seamless roaming.