T3 IDC and Alibaba Cloud Collaborate to Offer Innovative Solutions and Accelerate the Digital Future in Thailand

T3 IDC (INNO Digital Co., Ltd. - subsidiary of T3 Technology) and Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, signed a Strategic Cooperation MOU to provide cloud computing services and innovative solutions to accelerate Thailand’s digital transformation journey. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Eric Geng, CEO of T3 IDC and Mr. Tyler Qiu, Country Manager of Thailand, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.
Mr. Eric Geng, CEO of T3 IDC (Left); 
Mr. Tyler Qiu, Country Manager of Thailand, Alibaba Cloud (Right)
Thailand’s cloud services market is expected to grow as double digit in next 5 years. The advancements in cloud computing technology offer almost all the major computing resources, such as infrastructure, platform, software, function to be used as services, collectively known as XaaS (Everything/Anything-as-a-Service), which offers a virtualized working environment where various new technologies can be integrated together as Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Platforms.
Under the collaboration, T3 IDC and Alibaba Cloud will leverage both companies’ strengths and collaborate to help organizations in Thailand unleash their potential by leveraging the power of cloud computing and focus on technology innovation such as Cloud Native, AI/ML, Digital Intelligence, IoT Platform, Content Delivery Network and Security.
T3 IDC and T3 Technology have been committed to providing customers with high-quality technology products and services. The core businesses cover Telecommunications, New Energy, Retail, Enterprise, International and Cloud Solutions those are deeply trusted and supported by customers.
Alibaba Cloud provides wide range of products and services to support customers’ adoption of cloud computing in their digital transformation, including elastic computing, database, storage, virtualization services,  security, and big data analytics.
T3 IDC and Alibaba Cloud will also work together to enable Thailand businesses’ digital transformation journey and nurture organizations’ knowledge and capability  to provide better service to their customers.
T3 IDC and Alibaba Cloud are committed to helping customers from varies industries especially Financial Services, New Retail, Media, Logistics shape their competitive edge, empowering their transformation into  digital businesses in near future.