T3 Technology: Thailand Smart IoT Dark Horse aiming to be the leader in SEA


In an era of rapid technology change, people are connecting to the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Most of them reach for their smartphones just moments after waking up and begin to use the smart devices that make their lives easier and more connected. Therefore, Smart IoT (Internet of Things) - the network of physical objects embedded with technologies for connecting with systems over the internet - allows people to live and work smarter as well as gain complete control over their lives. It also resulted in the IoT market rapidly increasing in Thailand and around the world.

According to Fortune Business Insights, with the global smart home device industry valued at around $130 billion in 2020, over 1.4 billion IoT devices are expected to be shipped globally by 2024. The value is also predicted to climb to almost 1.1 trillion US dollars in 2026. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by Asian IoT Business Platform, 89 % of Thai companies adopt IoT solutions as the number 1 in Southeast Asia. As a result, there are many players in this industry.

T3 Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the companies which has grown exponentially to keep an eye on in Thailand's Smart IoT market, although it has only been in the country for a few years. With a mission and the operating principles that encourage Thai customers to enjoy technology to meet their lifestyles, the emergence of T3 Technology's IoT market in Thailand has gotten a lot of interest.

Customer-Centric as the Key Strategy

Mr. David Chen - Vice President of T3 Technology, head of Retail Business, disclosed about the company overview “T3 Technology establish the head office in Thailand by 2018. It focuses on the Southeast Asian market and operates in three major businesses: CPE, smart IoT, and end-to-end telecom system product solutions.  With significant product research and development skills, we are today Southeast Asia's top telecommunication solutions supplier, serving over 2 million families and over 8 million customers. T3 Technology is well-known in Thailand for high-tech communication equipment, as well as a comprehensive service system. Products relating to 5G solutions, in particular, are considered the new market with the largest share.”

“With T3 Technology's mission, we have always insisted on building own brand, with end-to-end market insight, product design, supply chain management, marketing promotion and local technical service capabilities. We have always adhered to customer-centric, based in Thailand, focusing on Southeast Asia, and facing the world”

“Thai consumers are turning to technology to make their lives easier and more comfortable. As a result, when T3 Smart IoT were introduced to the Thai IoT market, they gained a lot of attention and positive feedback. Particularly among those who are open to new experiences and seek to improve their quality of life. In addition, T3 Smart's IoT has a unique advantage, which is patient on customer education. Users can enjoy detailed and convenient guidance from the moment they make a purchase decision.”

“Through social media and websites, we have produced a large number of videos and graphic materials to guide customers in detail on how to choose usage scenarios and how to operate. Our staff always maintain online communication and solve any problems encountered by customers as soon as possible. Users don't have to worry about whether IoT devices are complicated and problems that cannot be solved.” Mr. David said

The global situation has little bearing on Thailand's Smart IoT growth

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the global economy, the IoT market has grown against the trend and has huge potential. Furthermore, the Thai government has supported new economic strategies "Strategic Thailand 4.0," which transform Thailand's industrial sector from traditional manufacturing to o a digital economy. Through these, fostering IoT development has become a critical goal for the country. Thailand's IoT market is expected to reach more than $2.19 billion by 2030. It is worth mention that in view of Thailand’s role model in ASEAN.


“Thanks to the Thai government’s policy support over the years, Thailand’s IoT industry has increased rapidly. T3 Technology will continue to invest in smart hardware development, APP development and cloud platforms to build the technological leadership of the T3 Smart IoT brand which have been full launched, and cooperate with True, Louts’s, 7-11, and famous retailer. Along with having a comprehensive distribution channel including e-commerce and operators, chain stores, supermarkets, home appliance stores, home furnishing stores, IT stores and other stores continue, we provide consumers with high-quality products and enjoy the fun of technology”

Ready to expand into International market

Southeast Asia is a major market where world-class firms are joining the IoT industry, according to a survey of IoT users, with the key attractive factor being the region's population of over 650 million, under the age of 20 around 33.8% of the region's population. With the rise of smartphones, which is a new generation eager to adopt new things without reluctance, it has become the primary target audience for smart home goods.  As the development of mobile Internet and the internet infrastructure improvement, this will be a driving factor for the growth of the IoT sector both regionally and internationally with these aspects.

“T3 Technology has built IoT markets in Thailand, Pakistan, and Indonesia over the years with great success. Our products have grown by leaps and bounds. For example, the broadband CPE and 5G solution-related items becomes No. 1 in the new increase market share in Thailand. In 2021, T3 Technology expects the Smart IoT products will increase by more than 100% over the previous year. With these success, T3 Technology plan to enter Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries very soon”

“As keep investing in the Southeast Asia market, and accurate market requirement, we can say, T3 smart is most hot and advantage IoT brand in Thailand market now. We aim to be No. 1 in Southeast Asia in the Smart IoT businesses within the next 3 years,” concluded Mr. David Chen.